Wood Rot In Seattle

Wood rot also referred to as dry rot, a consequence of excess moisture and oxygen, results in the deterioration of wood. Its impact is pervasive, affecting various building components, from structural supports to utility lines like plumbing, electricity, and cable TV. In Seattle, wood rot, attributed to water damage, reigns as the most prevalent type.

The severity of wood rot cannot be underestimated. Evidence of dry rot signifies that water has intruded where it doesn’t belong, and the solution can range from a straightforward trim replacement to more extensive structural restoration. In the Seattle area, dry rot typically manifests around windows, doors, and decks.

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As your trusted general contractor, we specialize in wood rot repair services in Seattle. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from removal to cleanup, ensuring your home or business returns to its original state.

Notably, we frequently address rot issues during window replacement and door installation. Unlike many window installers who ignore rot, our window replacement process can take weeks, allowing us to tackle rot issues effectively.

The cost of rot repair can vary, contingent on location, repair complexity, and required labor and materials. For instance, a 2022 window replacement involving over 20 Milgard windows with extensive rot repair amounted to a total cost of over $60,000 for both labor and materials.

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