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Seattle Exterior & Interior Door Installation: Cost Breakdown & What to Expect

Whether you’re in the market for a single exterior door or undertaking a project involving dozens of interior doors, consider us your one-stop destination for all your door needs. Our comprehensive services cover door sales, precise door hanging, meticulous door trim and casing work, expert door finishing, and seamless door installation.

When it comes to doors, much like trim, cabinets, and any other home improvement project, installing in larger quantities leads to a more cost-effective per-unit price. The efficiency of our setup remains consistent, whether we’re handling a single installation or managing a project with 20 or more doors. Opting for our full-service package for a single exterior wood door – complete with finish, hardware, and trim on both sides – typically begins at $5,500. For interior doors, the typical price per door is $1,750 after 5 or more doors.

High-Quality Doors in Seattle: Our Selection & Expertise

We typically source our exterior and interior door slabs and door jambs from Frank Lumber, a trusted provider with a convenient showroom and an informative website gallery for you to explore. Alternatively, if your project demands a more personalized touch, we are capable of crafting custom doors tailored to your unique specifications. Our commitment to quality extends to trim and casing installations, with WindsorOne being our preferred choice, offering a diverse range of styles showcased in their website gallery.

Upgrade Your Doors: Top Hardware Picks for Style & Security

When it comes to door hardware, we recommend top-tier brands such as Baldwin Hardware and EMTEK®. Both brands boast an extensive array of options for hinges and handle sets, and you can easily explore their offerings through their user-friendly websites, complete with detailed galleries showcasing numerous design choices. Choose us as your door partner, and let us open the door to a seamless and stylish solution for your space.

Door Installation

Example of door installation

Dream door to reality: Select your slab, we handle the rest – measuring, sourcing, prepping, finishing, and flawless installation.

Door Hanging

Door Hanging and Door Installation in process

We meticulously hang most doors ourselves, ensuring a high-quality, custom fit and installation. Fire doors, pre-hung for safety, are the exception.

Mortise Lock Installation

Example Mortise Lock

Unlike traditional cylindrical locks that are installed into a pre-drilled hole, mortise locks require a specialized pocket, or “mortise,” to be created within the edge of the door. This creates a stronger and more secure installation due to the mortise lock’s larger and more intricate structure. We offer professional mortise lock installation services to ensure your lock is secure and functions flawlessly.

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