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Burls are nature’s canvas for woodworkers to create stunning art. Our core belief is that every Burl, person, project, and remodel has a unique and compelling story. We embrace our team and clients, cherishing their individuality. Like hidden beauty in each burl, we trust that beauty exists in everything, waiting to be revealed.

Our Philosophy

At Burl, we believe craftsmanship is a blend of mastery and artistry, bringing our clients’ dreams to life. As a Seattle remodel contractor, we’re dedicated to supporting homeowners, businesses, and organizations in realizing their visions. Trust our experienced team for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in your remodeling projects.

Social Purpose Corporation

Burl, operating as a social purpose corporation and contractor in Seattle, specializes in comprehensive remodel and finish carpentry projects. Our distinctive business entity is deeply committed to realizing social and environmental goals. At Burl, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and remodeling services while fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for our clients and our team. All our employees receive living wages, affordable healthcare, and benefit from 401k matching. This holistic approach reflects our dedication to both the community and our team members’ well-being, setting us apart in the remodeling industry.

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Our Skills

At our core, we are dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen, specializing in Seattle remodel projects for homeowners appreciate quality. Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom remodeling, millwork, or door installation, our commitment to unwavering quality sets us apart. Our pursuit of excellence is evident in our work, as we consistently choose superior craftsmanship over shortcuts. Our relentless quest for perfection, even in the smallest details, reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional results at a fair and reasonable cost.

Our Leadership

Shawn Roland

Shawn's cat staring into the camera

Driven by a passion for affordable housing, Shawn, a former financial analyst, founded Roland Residential Services (now Burl) in 2019. Drawing on his banking expertise, he aimed to revolutionize the construction industry. Inspired by a challenging experience with a mold mitigation company, Shawn committed to building a business founded on genuine care and an exceptional team.

Starting with small handy-person jobs, the impact was immediate, propelling the business to remarkable heights. Shawn courageously left his financial role to dedicate himself to the cause of affordable housing. An alumnus of Leadership Eastside and a former Commissioner on the Human Services Commission in the City of Redmond, his commitment to community and the greater good is evident. His journey, marked by transformation and dedication, serves as a powerful reminder that individual efforts can bring positive change to both personal and community lives

Marco Lindsay

marco's dog

In 2020, Marco’s arrival marked a significant turning point for the company. With over two decades of construction and finish carpentry expertise, along with his prior entrepreneurial experience, Marco’s addition was a game-changer.

Shawn’s vision was clear: to expand the company’s workforce and ensure the delivery of top-quality work. Meanwhile, Marco’s aspiration was driven by the need for greater flexibility in his family life and a return to his craft, away from the demands of business administration.

What transpired was nothing short of magical. Shawn discovered his ideal partner in Marco, and together, they embarked on an extraordinary journey. While Shawn and Marco bring their distinct styles to interactions with clients, team members, and business operations, their collaboration is seamless. Shawn entrusts Marco wholeheartedly with construction intricacies, while Marco relies on Shawn to nurture relationships, manage business affairs, and provide sustenance to the team. This dynamic partnership has taken them on an inspiring path of success, and they have never looked back.

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