Seattle Dry Rot Repair: Don’t Let It Ruin Your Home!

dry rot around window
dry rot around window
dry rot repair
dry rot repair

Have you noticed soft spots or crumbling wood around your windows, doors, or deck? It might be dry rot, a common problem in Seattle’s rainy climate.

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a nasty form of fungal decay that weakens and destroys wood. It’s particularly troublesome because unlike some other types of rot, dry rot can spread even without a readily apparent source of moisture.

Here’s a breakdown of dry rot:

  • Culprit: Caused by various fungus species, the most common being Serpula lacrymans.
  • What it eats: Dry rot fungus devours the cellulose in wood, leaving it weak and brittle.
  • Deception in the name: The “dry” in dry rot is a bit of a misnomer. While it doesn’t require constant moisture, the fungus does need some initial dampness to establish itself. Once started, the fungus can generate its own moisture through wood digestion and continue to spread.
  • Signs of trouble: Look for crumbly, soft, cracked wood with a brown or darkened appearance. You might also see fungal growth itself, which can be white and fuzzy in early stages and develop into reddish-brown, mushroom-like structures.
  • Seattle Threat: Dry rot is a concern for Seattle homeowners because of the area’s damp climate. Proper ventilation and addressing any moisture issues around your foundation, doors, windows, and in crawl spaces are crucial for preventing dry rot.

If you suspect dry rot in your Seattle home, consult a professional like us for inspection and treatment. Early intervention is key to preventing significant structural damage.

Why You Should Take Wood Rot Seriously

Don’t ignore wood rot! It’s a sign that water is getting where it shouldn’t. Left untreated, it can lead to expensive repairs, from replacing trim to fixing structural damage.

Burl: Your Dry Rot Repair Experts

At Burl, we specialize in dry rot repair for homes and businesses in the Seattle area. We handle everything, from removing the rotten wood to cleaning up the mess, and getting your property back to its best.

We Don’t Just Replace Windows or Doors, We Fix the Rot Too!

Unlike many specialty door and window installers, we don’t just replace doors or windows. We take the time to address any underlying dry rot before installation, ensuring your new windows last for years to come.

How Much Does Dry Rot Repair Cost?

The cost of dry rot repair depends on the size and complexity of the job, as well as the materials and labor needed. Each project to unique – it could be $1,000 for something relatively quick as part of a door replacement or something more extensive and be $100,000 when there are multiple extensive issues.

Get a Free Quote Today!

Contact Burl for a free consultation and estimate for your dry rot repair needs. We’ll help you protect your home and investment.

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For further insights into dry rot, explore this informative essay in The Journal of Light Construction.

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