Roland Residential Services is now Burl

It’s been three years since we started and we decided it was time to do something different with our name. We present Burl.

Burl is a growth or deformity on a tree that woodworkers take from trees and turn into beautiful works of art. For us, it inspires and drives our purpose. We believe every Burl / Person / Project / Remodel has a story to tell and a story worth listening to. Every story is worth listening to. We accept team members and clients as they are. We care about where people are going and don’t worry about where they’ve been.

As owner, Shawn wanted to remove their name, Roland, from the company. Shawn says “…that having my name as part of the company was great when it was a one-person company, however as we’ve grown, we are so much more than one person.”

We do so much more beyond Residential – from commercial to government and municipal services.

While we do provide Services, we opted for a to simplify our name.

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