Roland Residential Services is now Burl

Burl Seattle: Where Stories Take Root

We’re excited to announce a new chapter for Roland Residential Services! After three incredible years, we’re evolving into Burl.

Why Burl?

A burl is a natural anomaly within a tree, a unique growth that transforms ordinary wood into something extraordinary. Just like a burl, every person, project, and remodel has a story waiting to be told. At Burl, we’re passionate about listening to those stories and crafting unique solutions that bring your vision to life.

More Than Just Residential

Burl goes beyond residences. We offer top-quality construction services for commercial spaces, government buildings, and municipal projects. Our focus is on building strong partnerships, not just structures.

A Team Approach

As we’ve grown, we’ve realized a company is more than just one person’s name. We’re a team dedicated to excellence, and Burl reflects our collaborative spirit. We embrace our clients and team members for who they are, focusing on where we’re going together.

Welcome to Burl!

Get ready to experience construction with a difference. We listen, we collaborate, and we transform your vision into a beautiful reality. Contact us today and let your story take root with Burl.

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