Transparent Contractor Pricing: How Burl Handles

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At Burl, we understand that remodels, repairs, and custom carpentry projects can involve unforeseen factors impacting the final cost. Here’s how we approach pricing:

Open Communication: We discuss your budget during initial consultations to recommend options that align with your financial goals.

Realistic Expectations: If your budget for a full-home remodel is $10,000 we’ll discuss realistic possibilities based on our experience vs. if your budget is $100,000 or more.

Ballpark Estimates: For smaller projects like door installation, we provide initial estimates to help with budgeting.

Focus on Labor: A significant portion of the cost involves skilled labor. To ensure quality, we use premium materials.

Competitive Pricing: We strive for rates comparable to independently sourced materials and subcontractors, with our markup included in the final cost.

Time & Materials vs. Fixed Rates: Most projects are based on time and materials, but we can also offer fixed-rate options that are typically at a 20% premium to account for the risk we take by guaranteeing a set cost.

This approach ensures transparency and helps you make informed decisions. Let’s discuss your project and find the perfect fit for your needs and budget!

Seattle Contractor Costs: Burl Team Expertise

Lead Carpenters

Every project benefits from the expertise of our lead carpenters. They combine hands-on mastery with project supervision.

Project Managers

Every project benefits from dedicated project management. This includes tasks like permitting, material sourcing, and order coordination, ensuring a smooth and efficient project


All projects require a carpenter. Expect rates to vary based on their experience level.

Laborers / Helpers

Our crews often include a helper, typically someone in training. Their rates reflect their experience level.


We typically obtain contractor discounts (10-20%) on materials compared to retail prices, saving you money. This approach, similar to restaurants with food costs, allows us to offer competitive pricing and top-notch service while maintaining a skilled team; the difference is we share our actual costs.


We leverage our network of trusted subcontractors to secure competitive rates for you. A fair markup covers our expertise in project planning, permitting, quality control, and overall project coordination. This approach ensures you benefit from competitive pricing, expert guidance, and a sustainable company focused on delivering exceptional service.


Our hourly rates cover ongoing salaries and overhead expenses. The markup on materials provides our reserve funds and profit. This streamlined approach keeps your overall project cost competitive.

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